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Virtual IT Trust Inc., is an independent IT company located in Miami, Florida, with experience in several countries in Latin America and the USA, which specializes in information technology products from simple to complex solutions aimed at maintaining operational  continuity of your business.


Is Your Business Prepared if a Disaster Strikes?

It’s easy to dismiss disaster recovery as something that only large businesses like banks and multinationals need to worry about. But, it’s something all businesses should think about, whatever their size.

Of course for smaller companies, the ‘hot site’ options set by bigger businesses could be unattainable. But that’s not to say that there aren’t more affordable options that can help your business survive anything from a significant cyberattack to a natural disaster.

If you’re looking to build or mature your Disaster Recovery Plan, Virtual It Trust’s Professional Services team has the experience, skills, and capacity to take your Disaster Recovery Strategic to the next level.

Save money, save your customers & save your business 


Why Us?

We are a company founded by professionals who were many years on the client-side, we know perfectly your concerns and frustrations. We offer services without representing any brand or vendors, each of our solutions has a unique focus, ensure that your business reaches operational continuity standards regardless of its size or budget. We understand that there are many solutions in the market and each one has its pros and cons, we offer the best cost-benefit for your business.


What we do

Disaster Recovery Solutions.

  • On Premise HCI Solutions (Simplivity, Hyperflex, Nutanix, vSAN, SDS, etc).
  • Cloud Solutions.
  • Hybrid Solutions. 

IT Management. 

  • Servers and Services Virtualization.
  • Servers and Networking Management. 
  • Infrastructure Monitoring. 

Cloud Computing. 

  • Moving to O365, Azure, AWS, Google.
  • Cloud Management. 

Software Consulting. 

  • Microsoft SQL Management.
  • Custom Software Development. 


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Virtual IT Trust Inc.

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